Google Will Read Doctor Handwritten Prescription, Read a Prescription Order?

The Handwritten Prescription (Doctor’s Prescription) Will Be Read By Google. A Fantastic Feature Will Be Launched By The Search Engine Giant. It’s Difficult To Read Doctors’ Handwriting On Prescriptions. Many people joke that only medicine shopkeepers can read the handwriting. This is frequently the case. It is not our responsibility to read doctor’s prescriptions. The strangest thing is that when a photo of a prescription with good handwriting is published, it instantly goes viral. But this time, Google officials are introducing a fantastic feature for users. It has been reported that this search engine will make it easier to read doctor’s handwritten prescriptions.

How To Read Doctor Handwritten Prescription

Read Doctor Handwritten

The New Feature Was Announced At Google For India’s Eighth Event. Doctors’ prescriptions are expected to be digitised. It announced an artificial intelligence and machine learning model that can read handwritten prescriptions at the event. Google’s Special Tool Can Recognize All Drug Names Written In The Prescription. By taking a picture of the prescription, Google’s special feature can read it. This feature is currently under development. To be released soon.

Google Read Doctor Handwritten Prescription

Other New Features Have Been Announced by Google. For example, it has been reported that in the coming days, Android phones will come pre-installed with the Google App. Users can securely save all government and important documents. Google Is Introducing New Features To The National E Government Division (NeGD). This Digilcar Is Coming To Safely Save Digital Documents.

Is There any app to read prescription?

Furthermore, it has been stated that through Google’s new Multisearch Feature, users will be able to learn something by combining text with a picture or screenshot. Users can take pictures using the Google App Camera here. Any screen capture can be used. This function is currently available in India. For the time being, this feature is only available in English. There are also plans to add more Indian languages in the coming year. It Is Anticipated That It Will Begin With Hindi.

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