Luxury Trains in India, Ticket Price 20 Lakh Maharaja Express Most Expensive Price?

You’ll Roll Your Eyes When You See The Train Ticket Fare On Indian Railways. This train ticket will cost tourists 20 lakh rupees. This luxurious tourist train operates in India. Find out why this train ticket is so expensive.

The Maharaja Express This Train Is The Ultimate In Luxury Travel

A video of the country’s most expensive train recently went viral on social media. A man speaks about the train’s world-class luxury amenities in the video. This is a video of the Maharaja Express Train’s most expensive coach. When you hear the ticket price, you will be astounded. This train provides all of the amenities of a luxurious journey.

Luxury Trains in India, Ticket Price 20 Lakh Maharaja Express Most Expensive Price?

Who Is Driving This Train on Indian Railways?

The Indian Railway Tourism Corporation operates the Maharaja Express. This train is currently operating on four different routes throughout the country. You Can Take Any Of These Four Routes. This journey will take 7 days. This luxurious train journey is available for seven days.

Tickets for the Maharaja Express will cost Rs 20 lakhs

According to the Maharaja Trains official website, each coach on this train is equipped with many luxurious amenities such as large windows, a complimentary mini bar, air conditioning, WiFi, live TV, and a DVD player. The Heritage of India, Treasure of India, Indian Panorama, and Indian Splendor are the four tours offered by Maharaja Express. The fare for this train ranges between 5 and 20 lakhs.

There Are So Many Different Types Of Coaches On Indian Railways

Maharaja Express offers four different coach types: Deluxe Cabin, Suite, Junior Suite, and Sedential Suite. This train offers two types of packages. One for three and four days, and the other for six nights and seven days. Everyone on this train must pay a separate fare. According to the website, booking a double seat will result in an additional discount on this fare when purchased in person. Aside from that, adult and other categories have different fares.

What Is Shown in the Video of the Maharaja Express?

At the beginning of the video, a man named Kushagra shows the Maharaj Express Suite Room. The video demonstrates an en suite room with a dining area, a bathroom with a shower, and two master bedrooms. The rent for this suite is said to be around 20 lakh taka. Many people commented on the video after it was posted on Instagram. Better To Buy A Flat Than A Ticket At This Price, wrote one user. I Can Invest This Money In Property, wrote one. Many people believe I can travel the entire world with it.

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